Kalin Lucas: MentorIRL

By Billy Hartman | February 1, 2017

As we close out Mentoring Month presented by Big Brothers Big Sister of Family Services of NW PA, we look at Kalin Lucas’ story.

Kalin Lucas has had just about every experience there is to have when it comes to basketball. He’s played under legendary Michigan State coach Tom Izzo, traveled overseas, and bounced between D-League and NBA squads. Lucas knows he would have never made it this far without the role mentoring and mentorship have played in his career.

Growing up outside of Detriot, Lucas served as an unofficial mentor to his cousins and little brother. “It was important to me to show them right from wrong. I wanted to make sure they stayed positive and keep them out of trouble.”

After playing the role of mentor, Lucas moved into a place of less experience, committing to Michigan State to play under Tom Izzo. “Izzo was definitely my mentor. I was there (Michigan State) all four years and he made sure I always worked hard,” said Lucas. After going down with an Achilles injury Lucas knew he would need motivators in his corner. “Coach Izzo always kept me going,” he said. Lucas bounced back to be named the Team MVP in his senior season.

This off season, Lucas gave back to the program he spent four years with. “This past summer I lived with him (Izzo) and helped with the incoming players.” Lucas made sure the freshmen knew what to expect and how to handle the big change in their lives. “It was big to me to host camps and help those kids out,” he said.

“Mentoring is important because you can always get advice from someone who’s been there, no matter how far you get. There’s always someone out there that’s trying to do what you want to do and it’s important to be able to turn to them for that knowledge,” Lucas closed.

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